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Technical Info

Field of Application & Technical Details

Transport and distribution of Compressed Air for any kind od use.

Transport and distribution of Nitrogen in industry, Food, Automotive, Medical and Enological Field etc.

For any kind of vacuum plant.

Some Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics
Standard Colors RAL 5012 RAl 6018 RAL 7046 RAL 5017
Max Working Pressure 16 BARS 16 BARS -0.87 BARS 70 BARS
Plant Testing Pressure 1 hour at 20°C 24 BARS 24 BARS 24 BARS 105 BARS
Quality Testing Pressure Valve at 20°C 64 BARS 64 BARS 64 BARS 280 BARS
Production Tested percentage 1% 1% 1% 100%
O.Ring & Lip Gasket Material NBR 65/75 S.A EPDM 65/755A. NBR 6575 S.A. NBR 6575 S.A.
Continuous Service Temperature Limit -20°Ca 100°C -50°Ca 150°C -20C°a 100°C -20C°a 100°C
Aluminium Pipe Mechanical Resistance According to EN-755-2/2008 standard
Pipe Material Aluminium alloy EN AW 6063 - T6 according to EN 755-2/2008
Pipe Thickness mm D20-S1. 0-D25-S1. 1-D32-S1. 2-D40-S1. 3-D50-S1. 4-D63-S1. 8-D90-S2. 0-D110-S2. 8-160-S4. 3
Aluminium Fittings Material Aluminium alloy EN AW 6061 - T6/ENAB 42000
Clamp Ring Material AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Threads Standards BSPT - British Standard Pipe Taper ora ISO 7-1,
NPT - National Pipe Thread Taper-ANSI B1.20.1

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