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KAESER Air Compressor for Oil-free Compressed Air

KAESER Compressors for oil-free
compressed air

Air Compressor

KAESER Air Compressor for Oil-free Compressed Air

The proficiency provided in the air compressor gives it sturdy and smooth running sensitive processes. The air compressor for oil-free compressed air is required everywhere, be it the semiconductor, food or automotive industries. The oil-water separator assures the purity and efficiency even during the challenging conditions.

Some of the incredible features of KAESER Air Compressor for Oil-free Compressed Air include-

  • Determined Efficiency- the KAESER Air Compressor is equipped with the Supreme efficiency of “Ultra Coat”.
  • Handy Service Design-The air compressor assures the prolonged availability of machine along with reduced inspection time and hence providing sound proficiency level.
  • Suits Special Requirements- Having being equipped with different interfaces, the compressors are easily unsegregated between the existing compressed air and control systems.
  • Sturdy Designing- the Air Compressor Condensate Separator is manufactured reliably by our highly talented professionals which can even withstand extreme conditions.
  • The KAESER Air Compressor is equipped with air cooling Compressor air condensate to blow down oil-water separator.
  • The compressor works really well in the air-cooled infrastructure and meanwhile ensures the accuracy of the compressed air supply even at 45-degree temperature.
  • Extreme Potential- KAESER Air Compressor is equipped with abundant power and has unconventional and sharp system designing, air-cooled oil resisting compression, and rotary screw compressors up to 355 kW are present.
  • The full-fledged expert time is there to assist you with a solution that is specifically centred to meet your specific demands.
  • It is considered as the best air compressor oil-water separator with flow ranging from 3.2 to 50.8 m3 per minute and has a sturdy aluminium cooler mixture.
  • The industrial oil-water separator is present with unified i.HOC rotary dryer (CSG-2 & DSG-2 series).
  • Handy Heat Use- The condensate oil water separator is provided with the high level of residuary thrust and the heated cooling air can be utilized right away for internal heating without the requirement of any other additional fans.
  • Highly Spirited Details as Standard- While being at standby mode, the temperature moderated KAESER deadlock fan accurately release the leftover heat that means the main fan can be shut off and hence saves energy consumption.
So the KAESER Air Compressor for Oil-free Compressed Air can be used fully fledged anywhere in the industry and can get the most out of it.

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