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KAESER Air Receiver Tank for Compressed Air

KAESER Air Receiver Tank

KAESER Air Receiver Tank

KAESER Air Receiver Tank for Compressed Air

Air receivers are a crucial connection in the compressed air chain, as they are meant for storage media or buffers for peak load supply. The Kaeser air receivers always let you be on the safe side technically because we focus on the overall system and provide completely matched handy installation and a myriad range of accessories.

Some of the incredible features of KAESER Air Receivers include-

  • Receiver Size-The Kaeser Air receiver is provided with a wide capacity of 90-10,000 litres and has an air receiver tank for the compressed air system.

  • The air receiver is equipped with high potential which enables it to provide the highest level of permissible gauge pressure ranging between 11, 16, 45, or 50 bars.

  • It has fittings, valves and individual instruments for each and every application.

  • The KAESER vertical air receiver has an air receiver tank for the compressed air system.

  • This horizontal air receiver has a receiver with a safety relief valve and is equipped with a complete set for condensate segregation.

  • Minimal Inspection Cost- the KAESER air receiver has an accurate construction up to AD-2000 standards that empower inspection cycles up to 5 years. Meanwhile, you get 2 in 1 benefits of saving money and enhancing the efficiency.

  • Up to 300%, Enhanced Service Life- The air receiver is equipped with high end internal and external galvanization to DIN EN ISO 1461, and it also has a long lasting durability of up to three times as long lasting as the conventional air receivers.

  • Immediate and Secure Installation- The KAESER air receivers have rigour re-cut post galvanization.

  • Investment advantage-The KAESER Air Receivers is not only equipped to provide optimal tightness and persistence but also cast many other attributes constructed to give long-lasting time and money savings, for example, the brainy transport attaining system and ultra handy accessible-service cracks.

  • The air receiver also has upstream and downstream installation for compressed air treatment.

You can buy this product either at an outlet or online and can avail numerous benefits including the cash on delivery along with great discount and gift coupons. So buy the ultimate KAESER Air Receiver and avail long lasting benefits.

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