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kaeser aquamat oil water separator

kaeser aquamat oil water separator

Air Compressor

kaeser aquamat oil water separator

The Kaeser aquamat oil water separator helps in the removal of scattered oil with an acceptance from Deutsche Institute for Bautechnik (DIBt). The organization authorize legalized amenable treatment for condensate directly where it appear and without any energy consumption.

Some of the incredible attributes of this industrial air compressor oil water separator are :

  • The electronic level sensors manufactured by us are equipped with compressor blow down oil water separator along with experimented oil pans and frost protection heaters to cater systematized installation necessities.
  • The air compressor oil water separator is designed in such a way that it cuts off the disposal cost to almost 90%.
  • This best air compressor oil water separator can be easily picked up and can be treated by professionals with ease. The aquamat oil water separator enables to dispose fewer amounts of toxins and hence minimizes the typical disposal cost by 90 %.
  • Enhanced Filter Service Life- The entire industrial compressor oil water separator is equipped with robust synthetic fiber a filter that has maximum filtration volume.
  • The exclusive model of CF9 casts an upstream settling chamber which aids the collection of floating oil in an external container by an overflow and hence minimizes the load on the filter and also gives prolonged internal service.
  • Easy Handling- There’s a reference turbidity set that can access the standard of the refined waste water. The model of oil water separator is equipped with a principal filter cartridge and is environment friendly because it can easily be pulled out by the use of handles and can be fixed at a certain place to let it dry clean and operate easily.
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