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Kaeser Air Compressor

KAESER Rotary Screw Compressor
With Fluid Cooling

Air Compressor

We are supplying all-in-one compact Compressed Air Package for production processes in industry, trade and workshop applications. Compressed air systems of the SXC series have been designed for trades and crafts. On only 0.62 m², they comprise all components necessary for air supply under a single strong polyethylene cover: a rotary screw compressor with SIGMA-Profile, a refrigeration dryer and an air receiver.

Advantages :

  • Connect and go: Piping and installation of our integrated packages takes little time. Simply connect this compact compressed air package to the power supply and compressed air distribution network and you’re ready to go - that’s it!
  • Protection from corrosion damage: Thanks to the integrated refrigeration dryer, the SXC package delivers high air quality and protects your tools and equipment from corrosion damage.
  • Simple maintenance: All maintenance and service points are easily accessible once the SXC’s removable enclosure which is made of rotational moulded polyethylene is effortlessly lifted away. The electronic condensate drain can be inspected via a grille. Maintenance is simple and effective.

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