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KAESER Sigma Compressed Air Controller System

KAESER Sigma Compressed Air
Controller System

Air Compressor

KAESER Sigma Compressed Air Controller

Presenting the brand new Sigma Compressed air controller system with advanced features that cater to all your needs.There are two components the Sigma control 2(local intelligence) and Sigma air manager 4.0(central intelligence) controllers that safeguard systematic coordination and working between all the parts of your compressed air system. This aids you to save much on the energy consumption.

Some of the outstanding features of the Sigma air controller include-

  • There air controller is equipped with a permanent air audit system and also have the system for operating multiple air compressor.
  • The air controller is provided with the supply and the demand side control system for compressed air and has the system for air control automation.
  • There is also a system for monitoring compressed air and is equipped with a compressor sequencing controller.
  • The PLC-based compressed air controller is a real-time system for compressed air.
  • There are a good coordination,optimization and interaction between compressed air production and consumption.
  • There’s an automatic system for loading and unloading air compressors and an automatic system for multiple air compressors.
The intelligent computers are needed to perform the crucial and complex task. The tasks include-
  • Reduced Energy Consumption- The system assures you for the ongoing reduction of the energy consumed in the entire life process of the system.
  • There is also a system to control the individual components of the station.
  • There’s also a smooth communication between the broad ranges of system components.
  • Reliable Accessories- The individual parts that have been assembled to make up the Sigma Air Controller include high-end processor hardware, graphical display, LED indicators, real-time battery, tactile membrane keys, attentive electronic pressure transfers, etc all contribute to the best outcome.

How is Sigma Air Controller Different from Others?

The Sigma Air Controller has been manufactured for the costumes to cater all their specific needs. This Controller is manufactured to meet the highest level of quality and standards. With these outstanding attributes, one can expect the safety and endurance power of this Controller system.In short, it can be said that Sigma Air Controller is a fully fledged air controlling system for the present day need.

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