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Compressed Air Hose Reels

High Pressure Piping

High Pressure Piping

compressed air feature high-quality, oil-resistant polyurethane hose. The feeder hose connection, axle and swivel design ensures a high flow rate and low pressure drop, securing top performance. The reel and spring assembly is tested to endure hours of hard use. The reels can swivel 300° making it possible for the operator to move around freely and the low pulling force makes it easy for anyone to handle. The impact resistant casing protects the hose and reel mechanism from dirt and debris. The Quick-Locks on the mounting bracket makes installation and service quick and easy. The Hose Reels are available in several casing sizes and hose dimensions, as well as with CEJN braided anti-spark hose. All hose reels are supplied with a feeder hose.

Feeder hose length: 2 m (6.6 ft)
Hose material: Braided PUR
Connections: Male thread
Temperature range: 5°C — +60°C (41°F — +140°F)

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