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Stage Wise Energy Savings For A Compressed Air System

Stage Wise Energy Savings For A Compressed Air System

Thus, it is essential t​o address ​this problem​ through the development of a ​comprehensive ​leak management program. These cost saving radiate out in the form of possible cost reduction​s​ of ​25-50% and ​ hence result in ​higher profit margins for the company. Companies presently starting at Level 1 ​as seen in the image, are unaware of their current compressed air leakages​ and, with a proper leakage program in place ​can ​reach Level 4 eventually​. ​The objective of a leakage management program is to cut down the leakages and energy wastage​s​ in a plant​ ​to under 5%. Leakages supervene when the compressed air systems are not maintained the way it is needed to prevent wastage of energy.

Brief Discription

Leaks can make the future Bleak. Cost reduction aims at the elimination of wasteful elements in​ a planned​ method ​which are an integral part of ​the LMS program​. A continuous ​monitoring ​system in place ​is ​also ​needed to ​identify and arrest the compressed air systems from leakages​ on a daily basis​.​ This moves the company's energy management initiative to the next level as can be seen in the image. Optimization of ​all ​compressed air application​s​ is ​a mandatory energy saving measure ​which can follow after the LMS program is complete. Beside​s​ measuring real time of all critical parameters, a well supervised system can ​achieve​ ​the magic figure of a ​less than 5% leakage rate. A cost effective leak ​management program should be a part of an overall program aimed at improving the performance of compressed air systems making it more efficient.

The factors include:

1. ​non establishment of cost​ of leakages​,
​2. no measuring and monitoring of the demand and supply,​ ​
3. ​poor optimization,
​4. ​non established​ norms for​ air quality, ​
5. ​poor or no leakage management which ​can ​critically ​a ​affect the system as a whole and may result ​ in​ an​ increase in cost​s.

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