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Straight Adapter MFL Thread

Straight Adapter MFL Thread

Straight Adapter MFL Threads

Straight Adapter MFL Thread
Part No. Tube Od Thread Bspt
PI0108F4S 1/4 x 01/04/12
PM0108F5S 5/16 x 05/16/12
PI0112F4S 3/8 x 01/04/12
PI0112F5S 3/8 x 05/16/12
PI0112F6S 3/8 x 03/08/12
PI0112F8S 3/8 x 01/02/12
PI0116F8S 1/2 x 01/02/12
PM0108C5S 5/16 x 01/02/16
PI0112C5S 3/8 x 01/02/16

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