Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation

We provide training on Industrial automation through all possible automation solutions for covering all manufacturing and service industry and advise you on everything from engineering to trouble-free operation.

This includes individual components such as automation control valves, valve terminals and electrical peripheral equipment, ready-to-install solutions and control cabinets as well as control panels and controllers for your systems.


  • FUNDAMENTALS ON PNEUMATIC TECHNOLOGIES covering properties of compressed air, Working Media.

  • VALVES AND CYLINDERS IN OPERATION Types of Valves and Cylinders, properties of Valves, Mode of Operation, Symbol development, Types of actuation.

  • SYSTEMS AND CIRCUITS FOR PNEUMATICS Types of Basic circuits for pneumatic applications. Coordinated motion between two cylinders.

  • ELECTRICAL SYMBOLS Circuit Development, Ladder Diagrams, Electro Pneumatic circuit making with practical actuation.

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