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PNEUMSYS ADVANCE ENERGY SOLUTIONS (PAES) is a turnkey proiect execution company with our activities encompassing complete applications from Air Compressors, Piping, Flow Meters and Pneumatics. owing to our extensive experience in having executed 2000+ projects in the Indian Industry, Middle East & Asian region. PAES has gathered extensive experience & expertise in providing the best quality products and services.

Application covering our product range include capital equipments for generation of industrial Gases to Advance Piping technologies all centered around the concept of energy savings and lowering costs of operation.

Our Projects executed are in the following sectors :

  • Textile
  • Food & Beverages
  • Automobile
  • Machine Tools
  • Printing & Packaging
  • Cement
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Thermal Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Indian Railways
  • Defense
  • Agro & Farming
  • Pulse & Dal Sorting Mills
Industry sector


PNEUMSYS is having a myriad of advanced energy saving industrial automation systems utilizing a wide variety of applications as follows:


  • Digital Flow Meter for compressed air and Gases including water and fluids. Presently vortex flow meters for compressed air are being used predominantly for measuring compressed air flow rates through a pipe.
  • There are many technologies used for flow meter measurement like vortex, ultrasonic, differential pressure flow meter technology which give accurate readings but have recurring maintenance issues due to foreign particles, oil and debris which get lodged into the cavities of the internal flow profile leading to erratic reading of flow, pressure and temperature.

    The VP instruments insertion type flow meter with integrated functions of measurement like mass flow measurement, pressure and temperature sensing leads to accurate real time reading of the flow characteristics of the air or any industrial as like flue gas, argon, nitrogen etc.

    The ability to dismantle the air compressor flow meter, due to the fact that it has been inserted using the hot tap drill technology, makes it very easy to maintain and reuse.

    The VP air audit kit is an ideal tool for compressed air auditors and energy consultants to use for their compressed air audit measurements and analysis.
  • Continuous Real Time measurement and monitoring for screw and reciprocating air compressor.
  • Current Clamp for measuring Power consumption of Air compressor especially centrifugal compressors.
  • Dew Point sensor for checking the moisture content of compressed air when it is being treated in the refrigerated compressed air dryer or when it is coming out of the compressed air receiver.
  • Leak detector for compressed air and all types of gases using ultra sensitive sensors having very high level of noise cancellation.
  • Pressure / Temperature and flow sensor integrated to read all three parameters at one go and in real time with an accuracy of +/- 0.5%
  • Ultrasonic flow meter for measuring gas and fluid using a unique design


     Advanced Pipe Fitting Technologies

    PNEUMSYS works with complete dedication to provide our clients with advanced piping technologies. We provide an extensive range of John Guest / Eqofluids compressed air Aluminum piping which is a push fit fitting system used on all types of pipes. The pipes can be in Aluminum or plastic including Polyurethane, PEX, copper.

    The products offered in the pipe solutions applications are as follows :

  • Aluminium pipe for compressed air and industrial gases. Aluminium pipe for air compressors is a new concept and is gradually gaining recognition in most of the industries.
  • Due to the non corrosive nature of Aluminum alloy, the pipe retains its surface finish without any scaling or rusting thereby maintaining a very efficient flow rate at a very low pressure drop. For all Pneumatic applications using solenoid valves and Pneumatic cylinders, for e.g. packaging machinery, printing presses, cement bagging machinery, pickling plant for Steel industry, food packaging machinery, pulse sortex machinery, pharmaceutical plants a high efficiency with low downtime is realized with aluminum piping systems.

    Non welded piping systems act as a solution to these issues as frequent maintenance can be done due to easy assembly and disassembly of the piping joints without any compromise to the piping layout.

    Non threaded piping technology ensures less labor costs, faster turnaround time leading to improvement in project completion schedules. Engineering companies especially engineering consultants in turnkey project contracting prefer to use these systems for efficient project execution and engineering design.

  • PEX pipe for plumbing applications. John Guest Speed fit technology using push to fit couplers is a well known technology used by a lot of diy (do it yourself) plumbers, plumbing contractors, plumbing consultants, project engineers, EPC contractors, civil contractors for factory, engineering college, railways, defense.
  • With a 50 year guarantee for a 100% leak proof piping system the applications requiring critical operational parameters under sterile or clean room applications, the NSF certified and FDA approved piping system offers unparalleled performance and reliability.

    Where even a single drop of water can wreak havoc to billions of dollars of equipments of they leak, the JG SPEEDFIT system is the answer to these potential problems in piping applications for coolant, pure water, RO water, chilled water and food grade media.

  • GI pipe / MS Steel pipe / ERW / seamless steel pipe for water and general gases and fluids.
  • Conventional piping using Schedule 40 or Schedule 80 GI piping and fittings Or Mild Steel Pipe, ERW / seamless steel pipes and fittings have been used in high volumes for Oil and Gas and welded applications where TIG / Submerged Arc welding / orbital welding / Oxy Acetylene gas welding is applied which needs to be X-rayed and also pressure tested using hydro testing systems at 2-3 times the plant pressure.

    This technology comes with its own set of problems as there are Steel Fittings with welded joints which cannot be opened without using gas cutting or grinding. Then the problem of scaling and scale formation due to the hardness of water which has a high content of minerals leading to Lime scale formation.

  • Push Fit fittings for connecting pipes of different materials. Metal Couplings eliminate the need to thread or weld pipe. So these fittings for non welded Or non thread piping are very useful and reduce on heavy labour costs incurred using welding consumables and equipments or threading vices.
  • Push to Lock fittings for high pressure piping which can go up to 250 bar pressure and can be easily demountable with simple spanners needing less skilled labor and installers.

The entire assortment of products is easy to install and perfect for various compressed air applications. Our professionals design the whole layout according to your precise applications and save up to 50 % time.

We offer a specialized array of EQOFluids High Pressure fittings that has push-in design and works at test pressure of 270 bar and 70 bar operating pressure. Clients can avail these fittings from us in 20 mm to 110 mm diameter.


DRAINMATIC zero air loss drainage management valve is available with the advanced motorized drain valve type or the solenoid operated drain valve.

Electrically operated drain valves have a very big advantage compared to manually operated drain trap as they don't have mechanical parts which get choked due to contamination of the condensate from the air compressor or the air receiver, air dryer, air filter, pre filter, post filter.

Automatic drain valve technologies for compressed air systems using adjustable timer with ON/OFF setting come with its own set of issues like excess compressed air discharge in hot or dry climate and excess moisture build up in the factory pipelines due to high humidity over 90% which leads to choking of air filters, Pneumatic valves and erratic performance of Pneumatic machines.

The alarm function on Drainmatic works similar to the existing technologies utilizes by Beko, Trident drain valve for Air compressors.

But the quality of the solenoid valve with the robust design of the plunger and spring, the construction of the housing reservoir on which the level sensing drainage system leads to zero air loss of the drainage system and reduces the dependency on the machine operator or maintenance engineer for routine maintenance of the plant.

Drainmatic zero air loss auto drain valve continues to be a favorite for air compressor companies like Boge, IR compressor, Atlas Copco centrifugal compressor, Hitachi air compressor, Kobelco Japan reciprocating air compressor, KAESER screw compressor.

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