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Kaeser Compressed Air Filters & Activated Carbon Adsorbers

Kaeser Compressed Air Filters
& Activated Carbon Adsorbers

Air Compressor

Kaeser Compressed Air Filters & Activated Carbon Adsorbers

The ultimate KAESER Filter & Activated Carbon Adsorber is well founded and profit-making, true compressed air.

The KAESER compressed air filters and activated carbon adsorber bring your system and provides reliable, highly competent safeguarding against dust, aerosols and oil vapours.

Some of the outstanding features of KAESER Filter & Activated Carbon Adsorber are-

  • Provides the Best Protection- It provides the highest level of protection including all purity classes according to the ISO 8573-1.
  • The compressed air filter system is completely adaptable to the diverse range of our compressors and various other compressed air treatment alternatives.
  • These KAESER compressor filters are provided with a pressure of 16bar, along with a high-pressure filter range of 45 bar and the filters are also present in the silicon-free version which can be used for painting processes.
  • The activated carbon filter for compressed air operates at a flow rate of 1.80-36.7 m3/minute.
  • It has a robust built of 1.4301 stainless steel housing which makes it corrosion free and works efficiently at the maximum working temperature of up to 66-degree centigrade.
  • Dependable condensate drainage- The carbon filters are equipped with a high level of pressure coalescence filters which are manufactured with ECO-DRAIN that is an electronic condensate drain.
  • Another manual tap drain is also provided for particles and for activated carbon filters.
  • Wide Application Spectrum- The carbon filter for compressed air has five different kinds of filter grades which are available for operating pressures up to 45 bars ranging from pre-filters to activated carbon filters. And hence assures application-convenient filtration for the purity of entire section and classes as per ISO 8573-1with optimal pressure loss.
  • The adsorber has a rotary screw compressor technology and is made up of a deep-pleated polyester fibre.
  • It has an automation grade and can be reused.
  • Operation-friendly Design- The carbon adsorber has a straightforward handling and is made of aluminium housing which eradicates the chances of corrosion. It is equipped with a stable filter element. There’s a pragmatic bayonet lock which assures automatic setting of the housing and elements seal.
Because of the above mentioned incredible attributes of the KAESER Filter & Activated Carbon Adsorber, it can be used effectively. You can buy it online at the great discount and additional benefits along with warranty and cash on delivery perks.

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